About Us

The Bayview Watercraft Rentals Experience

Our Mission Statement:

"Providing individuals with opportunities to experience the water in a unique & exciting way through a variety of watercrafts."

Bayview Watercraft Rentals is owned and operated by two seasoned Sandusky Bay veterans who know the best way around the area and all its hidden gems!

We started this business because we saw an excellent opportunity to create a way which we can give back to the community by providing our rental services.

Bayview Watercraft Rentals Grand Opening is May 14th, 2022 and less than a month away! Call or email us to book an appointment today! We're looking forward to seeing you!

Why Choose Bayview Watercraft Rentals

  • Miles of open coastline to explore

  • Giving customers the BEST experiences for the BEST prices

  • Smooth waters of Sandusky Bay

  • Flexible hours to ensure satisfaction

  • Brand new equipment

  • Easy, close, and convenient highway access

  • Within close proximity to Cedar Point, Kalahari, Bay Point, & Marblehead

  • More waterway access than other nearby offerings

  • Walking distance to popular & well-known restaurant, Rayz on the Bay

  • Trained & experienced staff